Continuous Pipeline of High Quality Leads

Get Access to Clean Marketing Data, Updated Real Time

Tired of boundless market research, invalid leads, and missing data fields? Well, if it wasn’t challenging enough to generate leads, it is often more complicated and time-consuming to update your records and maintain a squeaky clean database for better results.

The solution lies in adopting an intelligent tool that automatically updates your database by eliminating outdated information and adding fresh data based on intensive, real-time, and accurate market research.

Clodura makes life easier for marketing teams through an AI-powered platform that does the heavy-lifting to make things easier. The dynamic platform not only keeps your marketing data clean & ready, but also adds actionable bits of intelligence on vital buying points to prioritize opportunities and identify the best fit accounts.


The Result?

Accurate Data. More Leads. Faster Results.

Build Your Lead Quality & Volume

Clodura’s AI-based solution for growth marketing is designed to build a high-value pipeline through the continuous delivery of fresh and accurate leads. Fire-up your marketing campaigns with a smart B2B marketing and lead generation software and meet your marketing goals effortlessly.

Automatic Lead Enrichment

Enrich your marketing database by filling the missing fields in your data automatically with Clodura. Get instant help with Clodura’s AI-powered solution that keeps your data accurate & complete with real-time access to over 15 million companies and 200 million contacts + Emails globally.

Maximize Conversions on Website Forms & Landing Pages

Clodura’s growth marketing solution integrates with your Marketing Automation Platform (MAP) to append missing data fields on inbound leads automatically. The result – fewer form fields for more conversions, shorter profiling cycles, and blazing fast conversions.

Actionable Marketing Data For Successful Marketing Campaigns

Boost your marketing database with accurate and up-to-date information regarding hundreds of companies and decision-makers for highly targeted marketing campaigns.

Use Clodura for effortless lead prospecting, identifying good-fit accounts, and reaching out to them with tailored messages that evoke positive actions. The AI-driven engine helps you build highly targeted marketing database using advanced filters to capture active buyer intent. boosting your reach, as well as campaign performance, through less bounce, no spamtraps and increased call connect with decision makers using direct-dial phone numbers.

Squeaky Clean Data for Optimum CRM & MAP Health

According to stats, the contact data that you garnered with so much effort, which is currently sitting pretty in your database, decays at a rate of 30% annually. Clodura resolves your marketing woes with an AI-powered engine that keeps a constant check on your CRM & MAP’s data health & keeps your data squeaky clean by automatically updating it. Our marketing solution integrates with leading MAP and CRMs to seamlessly update your databases and marketing information with the freshest data available at any point in time.

Get The Maximum Out Of Every Event

Make your presence felt even before you reach the next business conference by setting up meetings, much in advance, through a unique conference attendee tracker powered by AI algorithms.

Clodura’s growth marketing solution is equipped to track the attendees at upcoming business events to provide you with accurate information, such as their designation and contact so that you can reach out to them and schedule meetings even before you reach the event.

Build Your Total Addressable Market

Gain access to more target buyers that match your ideal customer profiles and boost your lead volumes by identifying low hanging fruits in new industries, geographies, or segments based on past success. The platform is designed to automatically identify and recommend new accounts and leads for your business and feed them directly into your marketing automation system for greater campaign reach.