Super Charge Your Revenue Engine

Over Achieve Your Sales Quota With Solutions To Accelerate Your Lead To Meeting Journey

Elevate Your Sales Game with Clodura’s verified contact data, actionable sales intelligence & personalized sales sequences.

Now seamlessly connect with decision-makers, book meetings, build pipeline, and generate revenue at scale.

Too good to be true? Welcome to your new reality once you switch to Clodura – an AI-Powered platform to put your sales into overdrive, effortlessly, of course.


The Result?

More Leads. Real-time Sales Intel. Faster Sales.

Firmographic Data: Rapid Company & Contact Search

Empower your sales team with targeted firmographic information gleaned from over
15 million companies and 200 million contacts + Emails. Get highly accurate company and contact data to reach out to the decision-makers with direct-dial phone numbers and email ids. Use Clodura to get AI-powered recommendations on companies & contacts that fit your buyer persona. We promise you 95% accuracy, continuously updated data, and direct access to decision-makers – need we say more.

Actionable Sales Intelligence

Uninterested prospects. No purchasing power. How many times have you hit a dead-end, despite hours of intensive manual sales search?

But now you can kill the grind with actionable sales data with 25+ key customizable buying signal alerts for obvious sales opportunities.

All you need to do is set notifications for business signals like RFPs, Hiring Areas, Layoffs, Job Change of Decision Makers, IPO, Product Launch, Conference Participation, Partnerships, etc., and our AI-powered platform would do the rest – throwing up highly qualified leads matched to extremely targeted customer profiles.

Technographics: Tech Stack Install Base Data

Clodura offers technographic information of companies that includes install base intel for 15,000+ technologies to map your customer’s tech landscape to your offerings. Technographic profiling includes the software and hardware technology stack of your target audience to create hyper-targeted audience segments and personalize your sales & marketing strategy.

Winning Sales Sequences

Increase your sales velocity with the right message at the right time for sales prospecting. Clodura’s killer email sequence features helps to generate more interactions and book more meetings. Create new opportunities by generating more touchpoints and meetings out of every call by setting up automated sales email sequences on Clodura. The most intelligent and scalable way to reach out to your buyers – Clodura enables sales teams send personalized and automated emails to your prospects.

Integrated Data for Faster Sales

Good data is pointless when used in silos. Our platform connects seamlessly with your existing software – making it possible to push your leads to your existing CRM – like SalesForce, Zoho, FreshSales, etc. – directly from Clodura. The result is a constant stream of high-quality leads, assigned & ready to be acted upon by your sales team.