Finding a prospect’s contact information has always been a struggle. Whether it is a personal email address, business email address, office phone number, or even a direct-dial number, there are several steps you need to take in order to ensure that you find the correct means of contacting your prospect. Often, this is time-consuming and often leads to a low success rate as people don’t easily give out such a high level of information. So, how does one find a phone number without wasting too much time or resources?

Read on to find out 5 tips and tricks to find direct phone numbers for cold calling your prospects.

Make contact forms available on your website

When customers have questions, they should be able to contact you quickly. Adding contact forms to your website is one option. Include a contact form on your ‘Contact Us’ page as well as other pages on your site, such as product pages and blog posts. Limit the number of fields on the contact information form to three to five. Include a field for customers to enter their phone numbers in addition to their names and email addresses.

Make the Most of Social Media

If customers don’t reach out to you via your website, make sure you reach out to them. Most social media sites collect phone numbers from their users to protect their accounts and make it easier for people to make online connections.

Users can choose whether or not to display their personal or business phone numbers on their social media profiles. You can search for the person’s social media profiles if you know their full name. You might be able to find their phone number in plain sight if you’re lucky.

If you can’t find it on a personal profile, check your prospect’s business page for contact information.

LinkedIn and Facebook are two of the best social media sites for finding contact information.

LinkedIn, in particular, is a great place to find B2B contact information, especially because there are so many sales prospecting tools that integrate with LinkedIn to help you find phone numbers, email addresses, and even new leads.

Visit Their Company Website

If you still fail to get the contact numbers of your prospects, take a look at their company’s website “Contact Page”. Some companies make their employees’ direct numbers or department numbers public.

Try calling the operator or the company directory if the best phone number you can find is a general company number. When you’ve found the right person, write down their extension for future reference.

Use the help of resources available online

There was a time when finding someone’s phone number using their name meant pulling out a physical phone book and searching for their listing. While physical phone books are no longer widely available, you can still access digital directories online.

You could also use an appropriate Data Tool or Service to bring the numbers to you rather than having you go looking for them.

Clodura, an AI-powered platform, can extract decision-makers data from thousands of profiles in a short timeframe compared to the time taken to do it manually. To make things even easier, you’ll have access to a chrome extension.

During customer service calls, make requests

If you finally do get a lead, make sure you have processes in place to quickly resolve questions and issues when customers contact your service team for assistance. When you do, you have a better chance of providing a positive customer experience. Train your customer service representatives to ask customers for updated contact information at the end of each call, specifically to add a phone number to their file. Customers are more likely to update their profile to include their phone number if they have a positive experience on service calls.

Final Thoughts

There are several methods for obtaining phone numbers of potential customers for prospecting purposes. You can use manual methods such as checking their social media profiles or visiting their websites, or you can use dedicated tools such as Clodura to make your job simpler.

It’s important to remember, however, that there are options available that can make this process a breeze and provide you with the same or better results than the traditional methods you’re used to. The trick is to figure out which one works best for you and your team. Once you have their phone number, make a cold call and talk directly about your product or service rather than getting them to wonder how you got their number.