According to a recent report published by Hubspot, an overwhelming 61% of marketers identified lead generation to be their number one challenge. On a similar note, a survey conducted by BrightTALK revealed that 53% of salespeople spend at least half of their entire budget on generating leads.

The numbers paint a vivid picture; lead generation is incredibly difficult and enterprises around the world are suffering. Despite spending a massive portion of their budgets on trying to find promising leads, businesses often fall short.

But why exactly is lead generation proving to be so challenging? Let’s take a closer look at potential problems that are hindering your organization’s ability to generate leads.

Missing the Target Audience

When it comes to generating promising leads that eventually turn to sales, nothing can be more important than truly understanding your audience. Unfortunately, one of the most prominent reasons businesses struggle with lead generation is due to marketers failing to identify the Total Addressable Market (TAM).

Due to several reasons, most notably the COVID-19 pandemic, customer requirements have become notoriously volatile. In this ever-changing scenario, determining the true audience for your product can be increasingly challenging and despite spending a fortune on marketing campaigns, the results are underwhelming.  

Data Without Information

A prominent issue that plagues B2B businesses is an overabundance of unnecessary data. For organizations that need to act promptly to identify and secure leads, having to rummage through excessively large amounts of bad data can be a monumental issue.

Having access to meaningful data is still only the first step; it has to be converted into real-time actionable information. The majority of enterprises today have large pools of data but lack proper insight into what the data represents and how information can be converted into progressive actions.

Scoring Low on SEO

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) plays an integral role in modern lead generation by increasing the awareness of your product or marketing campaign through organic website traffic.  The better the SEO score for a webpage, the higher the possibility of it being displayed by search engines during relevant search queries.

The problem that most enterprises face is that their content is not SEO optimized. This means their products and campaigns regularly achieve engagements that are below expectations. A fundamental reason for this issue is a blatant lack of relevant keywords and uninteresting webpage content.

The All-in-One Solution

Realizing the difficulty that businesses face in lead generation, provides the optimal solution: a comprehensive lead-gen platform that makes it easy to find a pool of potential customers, get real-time sales intelligence, and send outreach campaigns, everything done with relative ease.