Automate Your Cold Sales Email Sequences

Set-up personalized sales sequences to establish more interactions with decision-makers

Killer Sales Sequences to Book More Meetings

Increase your sales velocity with the right message at the right time for sales prospecting.
Clodura’s killer email sequence features help to generate more interactions and book more meetings.

Sales Meetings

Book More Meetings

Eliminate hours of manual effort spent every day on creating & sending sales outreach emails and follow-ups. Automate your sales outreach by setting timed email sequences and connect with maximum prospects.

Analyze Your Performance

Track & analyze email opens, clicks & replies for all your sent emails. Find out the messages & campaigns that have yielded the best results. Re-use your most effective and favorite sales emails as templates.

Email Campaign Performance Analysis
Email Campaign Performance Analysis

Connect Your Mailbox

Clodura seamlessly integrates with the email apps you love. Connect your mailbox and other email sending apps to keep in sync with every email sent & received.