Hyper-Targeted B2B Contact Data

High-Precision Company & Contact Search Prospector to Find Your Target Customers

Unlimited access to 200 million contacts & 15 million companies clean prospect data.

We understand the importance of productivity, efficiency & success rate for top-performing sales teams.
Bad data can lead to a major black hole in sales prospecting while sifting through large volumes of dirty or irrelevant records.
Hence, we ensure that our data is clean, and we bring in the best B2B database of companies & contacts.
Clodura’s reliable business data is verified to deliver 95% accuracy so that sales teams hit their target with ultra-precision.

The Result?

Continuous, High-Quality Sales Pipeline, and More Sales Closures

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Hyper-targeted Prospecting

Generate hyper-targeted company & contact lists using Clodura’s AI-powered prospecting engine. It enables you to zoom into your Total Addressable Market to find companies & decision-makers using the most advanced search filters. Clodura makes it easy to find your target accounts & contacts from an exhaustive list of 15 million companies using the most advanced & granular filters & parameters. You can enter your choice of search parameters and also get an AI-recommended list of accounts that are best suited for your prospecting.

Clodura’s ultra-precision prospecting engine will take care of your hyper-targeted search.

Find Directors, VPs Head of IT in Software Product companies building Payment Products, HQed in USACanada & Europe, that uses Salesforce or SAP, and looking to hire large teams in Salesforce OR SAP Development with Validated Email and Direct Dials.

Discover Target Accounts & Contacts

Discovering new hunting & farming grounds for sales prospecting has never been easier. Clodura offers you the best-in-class firmographic, technographic and intent data to identify your Total Addressable Market(TAM)and expand your sales outreach. Its AI-powered recommendation engine serves you a readymade list of companies & contacts, which are potential buyers for your offerings. It analyzes your searches and suggests similar contacts that fit your Ideal Customer Profile and accounts which are best suited for your prospecting

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accurate company & contact data

Clean data. Always.

Contact data decays at a rate of 2.5% every month. We promise you 95% accuracy, continuously updated data, and direct access to decision-makers because our data is refreshed on a near real-time basis.

Bounced emails. Never.

Bad data can lead to lower email deliverability rates, possible spam-traps, and hamper your sender score & domain reputation. Hence we source our emails data carefully from a plethora of reputed sources and run our rigorous email validation checks to ensure high email accuracy & zero-bounce.

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