One Source of Sales Intelligence for Smarter Sales Prospecting

Which are the low-hanging sales opportunities? Which accounts should I target on priority? What should be my sales pitch? Clodura acts like your personal sales assistant notifying you about every real-time actionable sales intelligence regarding your leads. Craft killer sales pitches and build deeper customer engagements with the right sales insights on your fingertips.

Tool Usage

Engage with buyers

Use the most accurate data& sales insights needed to identify the low hanging sales opportunities and engage with potentials buyers within your Total Addressable Market. Clodura provides you actionable intelligence on opportunities that are more likely to close and alsogives you the context to craft the perfect salespitch to the ‘right’ prospect.Create deeper customer engagements.

Track Sales Opportunities

No more spending time on researching your accounts & leads before reaching out to your prospect. Because Clodura’s sales opportunity tracker does the heavy lifting of scanning your Total Addressable Market continuously. The AI-powered platform is designed to deliver over 25 customizable buying signal alerts on a real-time basis so that you don’t miss out on the low-hanging sales opportunities.

Tool Usage
Tool Usage

Beat Your Competition

Clodura’s indispensable sales intelligence triggers propel you miles ahead of your competitors. Never miss any important news, updates &happenings worth tracking in your Total Addressable Market and identify your sales opportunities in real-time to stay ahead in the game.

The Go-to Sales Technology for Businesses of All Sizes

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